"Okes" kinda done for the year!

by Gavin  

"Okes" kinda done for the year!

This morning was the last formal session of our men meeting for 5.30am coffee, chat and mutual sharpening. Some extended engagement for many months with Thomas Watson's "The Godly Man's Picture," and now more recently Platt's "Counter Culture."

Can't believe that we've been going for 4 years...!!! The Lord has blessed this time, and it has been so lekker seeing the commitment and growth, and the superb interaction and sharpening between the young men and those with some life, work and ministry experience... :)

I trust that 2016 will continue to see iron sharpening iron.

Thanks to Eric and Koch's for the regular supply of fresh muffins... appreciated!

Just remember though that "Okes" have committed to our Christmas morning connection with the CHUBB staff... so be at church 5.30am for coffee, muffin and showing some love and appreciation to the guys at shift change time...

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Hi Gavin, it is rather difficult to believe that it has been 4 years. But what a journey (so far)! The topics we have discussed have, personally, been hugely challenging, and I often wonder how far we would get, if it wasn’t for our Lord’s Grace and Mercy.

Just a comment on the Website - awesome!!! Well done to all involved. I pray the our lord will bless this ministry, and that His Name will be Honoured through it.

kind regards

12/08/15 @ 07:17 pm

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